A Polished Paid Ads Strategy and Landing Page Sparks Growth

Joel's Paint Protection is a niche automotive paint protection business focused on providing high-quality services. They aimed to elevate their monthly revenue from $10k to $50k by leveraging digital marketing and enhancing customer engagement.
Key Metrics
$50K Monthly Revenue Target Reached and Surpassed
400% Growth Rate
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Joel's Paint Protection faced the challenge of increasing their monthly revenue from a modest $10k to an ambitious $50k. With a limited online presence and an underutilized booking schedule, they needed to tap into untapped markets and effectively leverage digital marketing strategies.


Targeted Ad Campaigns:

Launched precise ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to engage a specific audience, driving more traffic and interest.

CRM Integration:

Implemented a CRM system for better lead management and customer interaction, streamlining operations and improving follow-ups with automated emails.

Sales Team Training:

Enhanced the sales team's skills with specialized training to improve customer interactions and conversion rates.

Compelling Landing Page:

Upgraded the website with a compelling landing page to boost the business's appeal and facilitate lead capture.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Joel's Paint Protection:

  • Fully Booked Schedule: Achieved a fully booked schedule, thanks to an enhanced online presence and the impact of targeted campaigns.
  • Revenue Growth: Monthly revenue leaped fivefold, surpassing the ambitious $50k target and setting a new benchmark.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined operations and improved customer interactions through CRM integration and sales team training.

Key Outcomes

  • $50K Target Reached and Surpassed: Successfully increased monthly revenue to and beyond the $50k target.
  • 400% Growth Rate: Achieved a significant growth rate, highlighting the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy.
  • Maximized Booking Schedule: Optimized revenue opportunities through a fully booked schedule.
  • Sustained Business Growth: Continuous refinement of strategies ensured sustained business growth.

Challenges Encountered

Joel's Paint Protection faced the challenge of scaling their revenue and optimizing their booking schedule. Through targeted ad campaigns, CRM integration, sales team training, and a compelling landing page, Dancing Chicken Media successfully transformed their digital presence and drove substantial revenue growth.

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June 20, 2024
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