Building Success with a Rebrand and Paid Media

Baja Construction is a prominent construction company aiming to increase its revenue and establish a robust digital presence. Despite previous attempts with another agency, they struggled to carve out a digital niche and generate effective leads.
Key Metrics
$100,000 Project Secured Within Two Weeks of Launch
Swift Revenue Increase and Enhanced Lead Quality
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Paid Advertising
Meta Advertising, Creative Design
Increase Revenue


Baja Construction was virtually invisible in the digital landscape, lacking both an online presence and a mechanism for effective lead generation. Their prior digital endeavors were fruitless, leaving them sidelined in an increasingly digital market.


Brand Identity Creation:

We began by creating a distinct logo and brand identity to set Baja Construction apart in a crowded market.

Professional Website Development:

Developed a professional and inviting website to highlight their services and expertise, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

Launched targeted advertising campaigns on Meta platforms to increase visibility and attract high-quality leads, focusing on converting online interest into concrete, profitable projects.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Baja Construction:

Major Project Secured: Clinched a project worth over $100,000 within two weeks of launching the new website and ad campaign.

Enhanced Online Identity: Established a robust online presence, transitioning from digital obscurity to a recognized brand within their target market.

Increased Revenue: The targeted ad campaigns significantly boosted both brand visibility and lead quality, directly contributing to a notable increase in revenue.

Key Outcomes

$100,000 Project: Secured a major project within two weeks of launch.

Robust Online Presence: Solidified Baja Construction’s place in the digital arena.

Successful Lead Generation: Targeted advertising efforts led to high-quality project leads and increased revenue.

Challenges Encountered

Baja Construction faced challenges in establishing an effective online presence and generating high-quality leads. Through strategic branding, professional website development, and targeted advertising, Dancing Chicken Media successfully transformed Baja Construction’s digital footprint, driving significant revenue growth and enhancing their market position.

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June 20, 2024
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