Transforming Legal Plaintiff Hunting in the Fight On Harmful Products

Consumer Injury Advocate is a legal advocacy group dedicated to fighting for individuals affected by harmful products. They specialize in rallying potential plaintiffs to stand together in legal battles against major corporations.
Key Metrics
$34 Cost Per Verified Phone Lead
$200+ Earned Per Verified Lead
657 Leads Generated
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Consumer Injury Advocate faced the challenge of rallying potential plaintiffs affected by Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products. The goal was to create a digital movement that raised awareness about the issue and empowered affected individuals to unite in a legal battle. This required crafting a compelling narrative, educating individuals about their rights, and mobilizing them into action while navigating the complexities and sensitivities of a high-stakes legal case.


Narrative Development:

We developed a powerful story of empowerment, reflected across all digital platforms, to connect with and inspire the target audience.

Visual Assets:

Created emotionally charged visual assets to grab attention and evoke empathy, making the issue more relatable.

Consistent Messaging:

Ensured messaging was consistent, urgent, and emotionally resonant, informing individuals about their legal rights and potential for financial restitution.

Actionable Information:

Integrated clear, actionable information from Consumer Injury Advocate’s website into the campaign, including a straightforward questionnaire to guide users on their path to justice.


The comprehensive campaign achieved significant impact:

Cost Per Lead: Achieved an average cost per lead of $34.

Empowerment: Transformed digital engagement into a real-world movement, symbolizing hope and empowerment for those affected.

Key Outcomes

$34 Cost Per Verified Phone Lead: Successfully maintained a low cost per lead.

$200+ Earned Per Lead: Each verified lead earned the client over $200.

Social and Legal Change: Empowered individuals affected by harmful products to come forward, fostering a sense of community and collective action among potential plaintiffs.

Awareness: Raised public awareness about the risks associated with talcum powder products.

Challenges Encountered

Consumer Injury Advocate faced the challenge of creating a digital movement that resonated with and mobilized affected individuals. Through narrative development, compelling visual assets, consistent messaging, and actionable information, Dancing Chicken Media successfully transformed the campaign into a symbol of hope and empowerment, driving significant social and legal change.

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June 20, 2024
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