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Detailers of Fort Myers is a premier auto detailing service provider offering top-notch detailing, ceramic coating, and paint protection film. They aimed to establish a strong market presence and rapidly grow their revenue within the initial months of opening their new shop.
Key Metrics
$10 Average Cost Per Lead
$30K Monthly Revenue within 3 Months
Rapid Business Growth from $0
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Paid Advertising
Auto Detailing
Meta/Google Ads, Web Design
Increase Revenue


Detailers of Fort Myers needed to build their business from the ground up, starting with zero revenue. The challenge was to quickly attract high-quality leads, convert them into paying customers, and achieve substantial revenue growth within a short timeframe. They required a robust digital marketing strategy to drive traffic and generate significant business in a competitive market.


Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

Launched highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, designed to attract local car owners in the Fort Myers area looking for premium auto detailing services.

Compelling Creative Design:

Developed visually engaging ads that showcased the superior quality of Detailers of Fort Myers’ services, emphasizing the benefits of professional detailing, ceramic coating, and paint protection film.

Optimized Lead Capture:

Enhanced the website with optimized lead capture forms and a seamless user experience to ensure visitors could easily request quotes and book services.

Automated Follow-Up Systems:

Implemented automated email and SMS follow-up systems to nurture leads, maintain engagement, and drive conversions, ensuring no potential customer was left unattended.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Leveraged positive customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility, encouraging new customers to choose Detailers of Fort Myers for their auto detailing needs.


The comprehensive strategy led to exceptional results for Detailers of Fort Myers:

Cost Per Lead: Achieved an average cost per lead of $10, demonstrating the efficiency of the targeted campaigns.

Revenue Growth: Grew from $0 to over $30K in monthly revenue within just three months of opening, highlighting the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy.

Rapid Lead Generation: Quickly attracted a substantial volume of high-quality leads, driving significant business growth in a short period.

Improved Customer Engagement: Enhanced customer interactions and repeat business through effective follow-ups and personalized communication.

Key Outcomes

$10 Average Cost Per Lead: Maintained an extremely cost-efficient lead generation strategy.

$30K Monthly Revenue: Achieved substantial revenue growth within three months, surpassing initial targets.

Rapid Business Growth: Successfully established a strong market presence and quickly grew from zero to significant monthly revenue.

Enhanced Digital Presence: Strengthened online visibility and brand recognition through creative design and customer testimonials.

Improved Customer Loyalty: Fostered repeat business and improved customer relationships through targeted follow-up systems.

Challenges Encountered

Detailers of Fort Myers faced the challenge of building their business from scratch and quickly achieving substantial revenue growth. Through targeted ad campaigns, compelling creative design, optimized lead capture techniques, and automated follow-ups, Dancing Chicken Media successfully transformed Detailers of Fort Myers’ digital marketing efforts, driving remarkable growth and establishing a strong market presence.

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June 20, 2024
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