Lucrative Home Remodeling Growth From Paid Advertising

Wood Quality is a leading home remodeling company known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design solutions. They aimed to boost their lead generation and revenue through a strong digital presence in the competitive home remodeling market.
Key Metrics
Low $33 Cost Per Lead
Significant Increase in Revenue
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Paid Advertising
Home Remodeling
Meta Advertising, Creative Design
Increase Revenue


Wood Quality partnered with Dancing Chicken Media with the goal of supercharging their lead generation and securing a path for business expansion. In the crowded home renovation market, they needed a strong digital identity to draw attention from potential clients and keep them engaged throughout the sales process. The challenge was to consistently attract high-caliber leads in a highly competitive space.


Targeted Advertising Campaign:

We created a targeted advertising campaign across various social media platforms, offering an exclusive "FREE Design Quotes for the first 5 respondents" to spark interest and drive engagement.

A/B Testing for Optimization:

Conducted thorough A/B testing for creatives and ad formats to identify the most effective ways to reach and engage potential clients.

Continuous Optimization:

Committed to relentless optimization of the campaigns, ensuring efficient and impactful marketing strategies.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Wood Quality:

  • Cost Per Lead: Achieved an impressively low average cost per lead of $33.
  • Increased Revenue: Significant increase in revenue due to the high-quality leads generated.
  • Enhanced Digital Presence: Established a strong digital identity, setting Wood Quality apart in the competitive home remodeling market.

Key Outcomes

  • Low Cost Per Lead: Maintained a cost-effective lead generation strategy with an average cost per lead of $33.
  • Revenue Growth: Significant increase in revenue from the high-quality leads generated.
  • Strong Digital Identity: Successfully carved out a strong digital identity, attracting and engaging potential clients.

Challenges Encountered

Wood Quality faced the challenge of attracting high-caliber leads in a competitive home remodeling market. Through targeted advertising, A/B testing, and continuous optimization, Dancing Chicken Media effectively boosted Wood Quality's lead generation, driving significant revenue growth and establishing a robust digital presence.

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June 20, 2024
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