Heating Up the HVAC Market with Innovative Lead Generation

McNally’s Heating and Cooling is a prominent player in the HVAC industry, committed to delivering exceptional heating and cooling solutions. Despite their established market presence, they needed a robust digital strategy to enhance lead generation and customer engagement.
Key Metrics
$18 Cost Per Lead
$1,000,000 MRR
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Paid Advertising
Meta Advertising, Creative Design
Increase Lead Generation


McNally’s Heating and Cooling aimed to transform their lead generation and customer interaction approach. The primary hurdle was to create a consistent stream of quality leads while lacking sophisticated digital tools for lead nurturing and management. This posed a significant challenge in achieving their growth targets in a competitive landscape.


Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

We launched precisely targeted ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, generating a steady influx of business inquiries.

CRM Integration:

Introduced a cutting-edge CRM system integrated with automated email and SMS follow-ups, ensuring no lead was left cold.

Sales Team Enhancement:

Provided custom training and scripts to the sales team to enhance their effectiveness in converting leads.

Compelling Lead Magnets:

Crafted engaging lead magnets to boost McNally’s attractiveness and conversion prospects with visually appealing forms and irresistible offers.


The comprehensive strategy delivered immediate and impactful results:

Revenue Growth: Notable increase in monthly revenue.

Cost Per Lead Reduction: Achieved an impressive reduction in the cost per lead to $18, outperforming industry norms.

Enhanced Customer Service: Improvement in customer service due to streamlined lead management.

Strengthened Online Presence: Solidified online presence with an automated system for managing customer reviews.

Key Outcomes

$18 Cost Per Lead: Successfully reduced the cost per lead to $18.

Revenue Target: Positioned to achieve a milestone of a million dollars per month in revenue.

Challenges Encountered

McNally’s Heating and Cooling faced challenges in generating consistent quality leads and managing them effectively. Through targeted advertising, CRM integration, automated follow-ups, and sales team enhancement, Dancing Chicken Media overcame these challenges, driving exceptional growth and engagement.

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June 20, 2024
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