Setting Sail to Double Revenue in Marine Electronics

Shiptronics is a leading force in marine electronics and boat modifications, offering top-tier services and products to enhance marine experiences. Despite their industry reputation, they faced challenges in optimizing their digital presence to achieve substantial growth.
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On Track For $10 Million ARR
$31 Cost Per Lead
#1 Seakeeper Dealer in the USA
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Paid Advertising
Marine Electronics
Meta Ads, Website Design, Email
Increase Lead Generation and Revenue


Shiptronics aimed to double their revenue by revamping their digital presence. The primary challenge was to significantly increase online visibility and develop a powerful digital advertising strategy to surge annual revenue. Their existing digital infrastructure was not equipped to meet these ambitious growth targets, making it crucial to overcome this digital shortfall.


Website Overhaul:

We began with a complete overhaul of Shiptronics’ website, transforming it into a lead-generation powerhouse that enhances user experience and engagement.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

Launched a strategic advertising campaign using Meta Ads across Facebook and Instagram, focusing on audience segmentation and precision targeting to ensure the message reached the most relevant audiences.

A/B Testing and Ad Design:

Conducted meticulous A/B testing of various ad creatives to identify the most captivating ad style, efficiently drawing in the target audience and generating leads cost-effectively.

Email Marketing:

Implemented a robust email marketing strategy to nurture leads and maintain engagement, driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Shiptronics:

Increased Lead Generation: Significant uptick in lead generation and online engagement.

Enhanced Online Presence: Shiptronics’ enhanced online presence now positions it as a dominant force in the marine electronics industry.

Business Volume Increase: The increased business volume has led to considerations for workforce expansion to meet rising demand.

Revenue Growth: A clear course has been charted towards the ambitious annual revenue milestone of $10 million, steering Shiptronics closer to its goal of doubling its revenue.

Key Outcomes

Enhanced Lead Generation: Noteworthy increase in lead generation and online engagement.

Robust Online Presence: Solidified Shiptronics’ market position with a robust online presence.

Workforce Expansion: Consideration of workforce expansion due to increased demand.

Revenue Milestone: Definitive trajectory towards the $10 million annual revenue goal.

Challenges Encountered

Shiptronics faced the challenge of optimizing their digital infrastructure to achieve substantial revenue growth. Through a comprehensive website overhaul, targeted advertising, meticulous A/B testing, and robust email marketing, Dancing Chicken Media successfully navigated Shiptronics towards doubling their revenue and solidifying their market position.

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June 20, 2024
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