Unlocking Email Revenue Streams With HubSpot For A Prop Firm

Shiptronics is a leading force in marine electronics and boat modifications, offering top-tier services and products to enhance marine experiences. Despite their industry reputation, they faced challenges in optimizing their digital presence to achieve substantial growth.
Key Metrics
$100K+ from Single Email Promo
Became 3rd Largest Revenue Source
Email List Grown to 87k Traders
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Email Marketing
Prop Trading
Email Workflow Creation, HubSpot Migration
Increase Email Revenue


SurgeTrader needed to revamp their email marketing framework to optimize lead nurturing and boost revenue. They faced significant hurdles with their underperforming email system and the transition from Active Campaign to HubSpot. Adapting email designs within HubSpot’s framework was also a challenge, requiring a meticulous approach to ensure compatibility and effectiveness.


Seamless HubSpot Migration:

Facilitated a smooth transition from Active Campaign to HubSpot, ensuring ongoing email campaigns continued without disruption.

Email Design Adaptation:

Meticulously adapted original HTML emails to fit within HubSpot’s ecosystem. Introduced a new base template to enhance compatibility with dark mode, addressing a key user experience factor.

Workflow Creation and Automation:

Developed and automated five distinct email funnel stages and ten targeted content download workflows, refining the lead nurturing process for more precise and impactful engagement with potential traders.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for SurgeTrader:

Revenue Spike: A significant increase in revenue was observed, with a single weekend email promotion bringing in over $100,000.

Enhanced Market Reach: Revamped workflows and email designs amplified SurgeTrader’s market reach and customer service effectiveness.

Robust Email Marketing Framework: Established a more robust email marketing framework that continuously nurtures prospects and enhances customer relationships.

Key Outcomes

$100K+ Revenue from Single Email Promotion: Demonstrated the effectiveness of the new email marketing strategy.

Enhanced Lead Nurturing: Improved lead nurturing through optimized email workflows and designs.

Increased Customer Engagement: Fostered better customer engagement and relationships through precise and impactful email communication.

Challenges Encountered

SurgeTrader faced the challenge of optimizing their email marketing system and transitioning to HubSpot. Through seamless migration, meticulous email design adaptation, and strategic workflow creation, Dancing Chicken Media successfully transformed SurgeTrader’s email marketing into a powerful revenue-driving machine.

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June 20, 2024
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