Untapped Automotive Revenue From Paid Media

Exquisite Auto Detailing, alongside Detailers of Naples, provides high-quality auto detailing services. They aimed to amplify their brand visibility and engage customers more effectively to increase revenue and market reach.
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Enhanced Brand Visibility
32% Close Rate Increase
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Paid Advertising
Auto Detailing
Meta Advertising, Creative Design
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Exquisite Auto Detailing faced the challenge of enhancing their market reach with a dim online presence and underused resources. The goal was to boost brand visibility and customer engagement, turning the spotlight on their high-quality services.


Targeted Digital Advertising:

Rolled out dynamic advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to boost brand visibility and attract potential customers.

CRM Integration:

Integrated a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for sharper lead tracking and engagement.

Automated Communication Systems:

Implemented automated email and SMS systems to streamline customer communications and improve responsiveness.

Sales Team Training:

Provided specialized training and scripts to the sales team to enhance customer interactions and improve conversion rates.

User-Friendly Landing Page:

Designed a sleek, user-friendly landing page to highlight Exquisite Auto Detailing's premier services and facilitate lead capture.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Exquisite Auto Detailing:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Targeted ads significantly elevated the company's profile, cutting through the competitive clutter.
  • Improved Customer Interactions: The CRM and automated systems made interactions smoother and more responsive.
  • Streamlined Operations: With streamlined processes and an empowered sales team, the overall customer experience became seamless and more engaging.

Key Outcomes

  • Raised Market Profile: Significantly raised market profile through targeted advertising.
  • Efficient Customer Interactions: More efficient and effective customer interactions thanks to CRM and automation.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Streamlined operations and an empowered sales team enhanced the overall customer experience.

Challenges Encountered

Exquisite Auto Detailing faced the challenge of improving their online presence and customer engagement. Through targeted digital advertising, CRM integration, automated communication systems, and sales team training, Dancing Chicken Media successfully polished Exquisite Auto Detailing's market presence, driving significant improvements in brand visibility and customer engagement.

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June 20, 2024
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