Warming Up the Market with Strategic HVAC Lead Generation

Kinder Heating & Air is a reputable company in the heating and cooling industry, known for providing top-quality services. They aimed to broaden their customer base and solidify their market standing through effective lead generation strategies.
Key Metrics
$12 Cost Per Lead for Photo Ads
$19 Average Cost Per Lead
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Paid Advertising
Meta Advertising, Creative Design
Increase Lead Generation and Revenue


Despite their reputable services, Kinder Heating & Air struggled to generate steady, high-quality leads. The mission was to devise a lead generation strategy that not only attracts potential clients but also keeps them engaged, ensuring continued growth and dominance in the competitive HVAC landscape.


Targeted Ad Campaigns:

Launched targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms, leveraging eye-catching, image-based ads to draw in the target audience.

A/B Testing for Optimization:

Conducted thorough A/B testing on creatives to identify which content resonated the most, ensuring the advertising messages struck a chord with potential customers.

Continuous Refinement:

Demonstrated a commitment to excellence by continuously refining advertising tactics, incorporating new creatives and strategies to keep the campaigns fresh and engaging for the audience.


The comprehensive strategy led to remarkable achievements for Kinder Heating & Air:

  • Cost Per Lead: Achieved an outstanding cost per lead of $12 for photo ads, contributing to an overall average cost per lead of $19.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: Significantly improved lead generation and nurturing efforts, enhancing market presence and customer interactions.

Key Outcomes

  • $12 Cost Per Lead for Photo Ads: Maintained highly efficient lead generation with photo ads.
  • $19 Average Cost Per Lead: Achieved a cost-effective average cost per lead.
  • Increased Lead Quality and Quantity: Notable increase in both lead quality and quantity, enhancing Kinder Heating & Air’s market reach and customer engagement.

Challenges Encountered

Kinder Heating & Air faced the challenge of generating steady, high-quality leads in a competitive HVAC market. Through targeted ad campaigns, thorough A/B testing, and continuous refinement of strategies, Dancing Chicken Media successfully amped up Kinder Heating & Air's lead generation, driving significant growth and market presence.

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June 20, 2024
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